Peridot Pricing Guide

Learn how much to pay and where to buy it.

Price Guide

Like many gemstones, the price of Peridot is in relation to its color, weight, clarity and cut. Here are some price ranges shown for 3 qualities in a price per carat format. Prices are wholesale as of November 2005.

Weight (carats) SI1 VS1-2 VVS1-2
<1 $3 $4 $5
1<3 $5 $7 $10
3<5 $8 $10 $15
5+ $25 $30 $40

An example of how to calculate the price from the chart above for a 5 carat VS Peridot. The chart price is $30/ct multiplied by the weight, 5 carats = $150 for the gem. A peridot is very rare in large sizes, especially in gem clean material. This is why the price jumps exponentially as it gets bigger.

Where it comes from

Peridot is mined throughout the world including Arizona, Burma, China and Pakistan. There is currently a ban on the mining of peridot in China which has been in effect for 3 years.

Where to buy?

Peridot jewelry is abundantly available through traditional retail channels and direct channels including tv shopping, catalog and internet shopping. Because Peridot is a birthstone it is carried in almost every jewelry store in the USA.

Peridot loose gems are harder to come by in traditional retail channels. Most peridot sold in retail channels is already mounted in jewelry. To purchase loose peridot, you are best off buying online. A lot of loose peridot gems can be found at some online gem stores and in online auctions. Be careful of who you purchase from, as quality is difficult to tell from a website, it is best to reserve any important purchases for trusted merchants.