Peridot Jewelry Guide

Learn what styles are popular, and where to buy it.

Peridot Rings

Peridot can be set into any metal, and with a hardness of 6.5-7 on the MOHS scale, it is perfect for any type of jewelry. Rings we recommend include a peridot centerstone with two small diamond accents to bring out the vibrant colors of peridot. Another ring we like is a 3-stone ring, also sometimes called a past-present-future ring or a mother's ring (if you have a kid born in August). This can either have 3-stones that are the same size, or one larger stone in the center, surrounded by two smaller stones.

Peridot Earrings

The classic gift for an August baby is peridot studs. Studs are simple earrings, yet are a timeless classic. Look for a decent size of at least 6mm round to allow for an ample look for these earrings. Peridot studs (6mm rounds) set in 14K gold shouldn't set you back more than $80 or $90 tops.

Peridot Pendants

The pendant is a beautiful chance to exhibit a large gemstone. Unfortunately, because peridot is so rare in large sizes, this will really be limited to those with: a) access to large beautiful gemstones, and b) a budget to buy them. That is why we recommend if your budget is less than $1,000 to go with a smaller solitaire with diamond accents or a multiple peridot stone pendant.

Peridot Bracelets

We recommend a tennis bracelet style peridot bracelet with oval or round peridots going all the way around. To keep the price down, you can buy one with smaller stones. If it is made out of gold, the price of the bracelet will go up dramatically as the weight goes up.